Colonel Vedok Pietsch is a commander in the Upyri Federation's Marine Corps that oversees the engagements of Divinity Creed and other rogue elements in the eastern portion of Federation space. He is also the leader of the Orbital Assault Shock Troopers, sometimes called the OAST.

History Edit

Vedok was born on the planet Crion, a small colony near the edge of Sol space, a short distance from Boome. His father was a Human farmer, his mother was an Upyri trader. His life as a child was rather ordinary, growing up in a loving home and going to a Sol school while his mom taught him the Upyri ways at home. This way, he'd know of both of his heritages.

When he graduated, he stayed on Crion long enough to help his father before his passing. Afterwards, he ventured away from the small colony to the Federation, where he would ultimately live and join the Federation Military. Namely the Marine Corps. In the Corps, he would work his way up through the ranks, fighting pirates on the western side of Federation space.

Fighting pirates became the least of his concerns however, when he learned that his homeworld of Crion had been attacked and taken by the Divinity Creed. From the information that he could gather about the invasion, his mother had been killed in the attack along with most of his childhood friends, as well as the people he had come to know working with his father.

This enraged Vedok, and made him request that he be moved to the eastern side of the Federation so he could deal with any Divinity Creed incursions into Upyri space. The Divinity Creed were slowly but surely getting closer and closer to Federation space in their struggle to decimate the SDF and Sol, and were beginning to venture into Federation space in attempts to get around Sol defenses. They knew of the Divinity Creed's anti-xeno policies, and were doing what they could to repel any and all DC attempts to trespass.

Vedok rose further in the ranks of the Marine Corps, up to the rank of Colonel, as he oversaw the destruction and repulsion of Divinity Creed forces on the eastern border. He also created the Orbital Assault Shock Trooper group, with a request to Ketri Biram, which was tasked with rapid deployment to counter Divinity Creed should they land on Upyri or allied worlds.

Currently, he is attempting to branch out his operations as to drive Divinity Creed back and crush them wherever they can be found.

Personality Edit

Vedok is a man determined to gain vengeance on the Divinity Creed. Cunning, aggressive, he holds nothing back in combat or in conversations. He cares for his men and those around him, and is willing to defend them to the death.
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