Vehha Strye is the current elected President of the Upyri Federation of Planets, and the head of the Council of Planetary Representatives.

History Edit

Vehha was born to an upper class, aristocratic family on Hemera. Her mother was a politician on Hemera (a common sight on the planet after the Federation was established), and often campaigned for the position of Hemera's representative to the Council of Planetary Representatives. Her father, meanwhile, was the owner of Strye Enterprises, a large trading corporation that shipped and recieved goods throughout Federation space.

She was raised mainly by her mother, which is whom she took after once she had graduated from school. She started on her career in the political field mainly by assisting her mother in her endevours. Running errands, doing paperwork, campaigning for votes. Eventually, her mother handed the reigns over to her, and she began working to continue her mother's goals. Those goals being to break the Federation from its isolation. She and her mother believed that the Federation could actually do some good in the galaxy, as well as possibly increase their influence and trading prospects should they branch out.

This however, didn't gain her any traction at securing a seat on the Council until later in the the 2300s. Hemera (among other planets) was actively growing restless, and wanted to break the Federation of its isolationist policies. Vehha was finally elected to the Council in 2375, then reelected in 2380. She continued to campaign for the abolishment of the Federation's isolationism, but failed to gain the support of two-thirds of the Council.

The galaxy then bore witness to the events of 2382, culminating in the destruction of the planet Zeruel. This was what Vehha needed. In the months following the incident, she campaigned hard and got results. The council held a vote, and got rid of the policy preventing the Federation from getting involved in galactic affairs. The campaigning also earned her an additional perk. When the election for the new head of the council came up in the last few months of 2384, Vehha Strye won nearly unanimously.
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