Viktor "Ivan" Zhaneys is a career officer with the SDF. Throughout his career he has commanded five different vessels which allowed him to rise through the ranks of the Sol System Navy.

Currently he is the Lord Admiral of the SDF, giving him full command of all SDF navy and SSOID vessels.

When he's not busy commanding the SNV Redstar Viktor enjoys playing chess on his freetime while listening to classic terran music, ancient by todays' standard.

History Edit

Zhaneys began his career as the captain of the SNV Artemis, a light missile corvette, which he commanded during the Sol Unification in 2345.

During the Unification Zhaneys and his crew set the modern SDF standard for Navy crews, defending key objectives with limited resources and on their own; working together with their vessel in a valiant effort to keep the fanatics at bay.

Following the Unification Zhaneys was promoted to the rank of admiral. He was given command of one of the defense fleets tasked with protecting Terra and Luna.

Eventually he and his crew were recruited by the SSOID to crew their new flagship SNV Mjolnir and to lead their secretive fleet operating outside of Sol space.

Countless missions later Zhaneys faced his toughest challenge yet: the Battle of Zeruel. Pushing both himself and his crew to the limit Zhaneys and the rest of the SSOID fleet managed to keep the swarm of Crimus ships away from the planet long enough for the ground forces to secure a, albeit a pyrrhic one, victory.

After Zeruel Viktor was promoted once again, this time to Lord Admiral which put him in charge of the entire SDF Navy.

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