Widon Hazadok is the Arch-Zealot and supreme leader of the Divinity Creed. He currently resides in his palace on God's Gift.

History Edit

Widon was born in the slums. His mother died following his birth and his father was nowhere to be seen. Living on the street Widon begged every day. For food. For money. For hope.

One day a travelling priest approached Widon and offered him just what he had been looking for. Hope.

Widon followed the priest who adopted him like his own. Together they spread the hope of God all the way to Mars.

When the Sol System Government was formed and the ban on religion was imposed Widon was one of the first to join the Divinity Creed to fight for his and everyone elses' right to believe in a god.

As protests escalated into armed resistance Widon did what he could do protect his people from the thugs of the SDF which invaded Mars.

During the Battle of God's Refuge Widon and his friends Hector Roth and Stanislav Koronov formed the last line of defense around Arch-Zealot Izvan however despite their valiant efforts to keep their mentor and leader safe from the invading SDF forces Izvan was eventually killed.

Before the three zealots fled with the rest of the Divinity Creed survivors Izvan asked Widon to continue his quest with the help of Roth and Koronov. Widon promised to continue the fight and when the survivors were safely onboard their ship Widon was sworn in as the new Arch-Zealot.

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