Wokaar is a uninhabited planet located in the eastern quadrant. It has no civilian population however the Fists of Sol have recently occuppied the planet with permanent military garrison on the planet to safeguard a massive fuel reserve used by the United Sol Resistance fleets.

It is currently under siege by SDF forces.

Climate Edit

Climate on Wokaar is mostly temperate with some arid and desert regions. It has no ocean but four massive lakes. Most of the surface is covered with dense jungle.

Infrastructure Edit

There is no civilian infrastructure on the planet as most corporations and colonists evaluated possible zoning to be "too costly".

Fists of Sol have three large industrial zones in close proximity to eachother. One is a large refinery, the second a port and the thid a residential area. All three zones are surrounded by extensive defensive networks including bunkers, long-range anti-air guns, artillery cannons and other fortifications.

Notable Locations Edit

FFR-E Edit

Fleet Fuel Reserve-East is the name of the large (and only) facility on the surface of Wokaar. It is situated on the border to one of the few arid regions and is also within driving distance to one of the lakes.

Currently the facility is working on overtime as the Fists of Sol are refining and shipping as much fuel as possible to their fleets before the invading SDF forces get within weapons range.

Media Edit

Wokaar FFRE

The FFR-E facility on Wokaar. Above is a Lunar Children fuel tanker.


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