Zarvoth is a Kurazi mercenary currently freelancing the outer systems where he work private security for anyone with the right amount of credits.

History Edit

Ever since he was a child Zarvoth has been on the move. While the Kurazi people have never really posed any greater threat they did nonetheless choose to play it safe and once the Kanad Collective and Sanghvi went to war the entire race migrated from their homesystem, moving to a new planet at the very edge of the galaxy.

As he grew up it was clear that Zarvoth would become a warrior. He was strong, cunning and he did not fear anything (if he did he never showed it).

Zarvoth worked briefly with a small mercenary outfit which trained him and made him the formidable warrior he is today.

Now the lone mercenary travels from system to system, working as a freelance mercenary hired by traders, miners, colonists and corporate officials.

Equipment Edit


The High-Intensity Projected Energy Weapon is Zarvoth's trusty friend and weapon of choice for most ranged engagements. It uses several lenses and a powerful energy core to project short beams of lethal energy warm enough to turn it into deadly plasma.

Kurazian Combat Armor Edit

Armor worn by Kurazian soldiers, this set in particular has been repainted and received several other modifications over the years to better suit Zarvoth's needs.

Media Edit

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