Zealot Kalpyr is a full devout Christian under the religious extremist Divinity Creed. Born and raised as a servant to God, Calvin was quickly indoctrinated believing Humanity was the superior race towards all life. Kalpyr quickly rosed to the ranks, defeating the Creed's enemies through the power of Kung Fu, kicking ass in the name of his holy majesty.

History Edit

Eventually after the dissolution of Divinity Creed, Kalpyr went out on a holy quest for answers under Christianity, battling giant scorpions and defending the remaining territory from the Sol Government. Once his pilgrimage was completed, God gave him an answer to restore the holy faith: Reunite all religions. With the new strength invested by God, Kalpyr used his newfound charisma and leadership to restore morale towards his brethren and sistren.

Kalpyr used his fists of fury to brand the offenders and worked with Safe Heaven, a more peaceful religious faction to defend the last bastions of hope. Kalpyr and Safe Heaven along with other religious factions formed Divine Heaven, a solution in act of fighting against SolGov.